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Digital Diamonds is an Anti-Whale, Anti-Rug pull, long term passive generation, burn and buy back token with symbiotic NFTs.

Digital Diamonds

Are you sick of the amount of rug pulls in the Crypto space currently? Cause I am, that's the reason I created DIDI.

I wanted a long term coin for investment, with no whales pumping and dumping while hurting those investing smaller amounts.
Or even worse, Devs fully rug pulling and running away with peoples money. That is not what Crypto should be.

Hence the birth of Digital Diamonds.


2% holders, 6% LP, 2% burn, 3% tax, 2% buyback

This gives holders passive generation, while keeping the supply steady and liquidity at a safe level.

80% liquidated with over 97% locked for over 1 year, as can be seen HERE.

The maximum anyone can have at once is 5% of the supply and can only sell at maximum 1%.

This is catering towards the anti-whale, long term holder style token we are offering. Fair for everyone.

$1M Market Cap:
500K $DiDi x 5
$1K BUSD x 5

$10M Market Cap:
200K $DiDi x 5
2 Week All-Inclusive Dubai Vacation (for 2) x 1
$5K BUSD x 5

$100M Market Cap:
100K $DiDi x 1
Tesla Model S x 1
Tesla Model 3 (Performance) x 1
$10K BUSD x 5

Full Mudra Compliance

As our Digital Diamonds token smart contract was written and deployed by Mudra, it is automatically verified, audited and completely honeypot / rug proof.


Digital Crystal - 0.25ETH

Gives 1 bonus entry to all giveaways and events.

Access to Low tier giveaways.

Must hold 1% of $DiDi supply.

Crystal Tools in Metaverse.

Digital Crystal

Digital Ruby - 0.5ETH

Gives 2 bonus entries to all giveaways and events.

Extra Medium tier giveaways.

Must hold 1% of $DiDi supply.

Ruby Tools in Metaverse.

Digital Ruby

Digital Diamond - 1ETH

Gives 3 bonus entries to all giveaways and events.

Exclusive high tier giveaways.

Must hold 2% of $DiDi supply.

Diamond Tools in Metaverse.

Digital Diamond

Future Plans

So we have a token...what next?

Well first step is to get recognised and shown on places like CMC, CoinGecko and CEXs.
As well as an extensive marketing campaign.

With help from it's sister token EverPool, which focuses on charity and long term stablecoin returns, we will have a multitude of promotional opportunities.

For 2022, there are BIG plans.
Including a game / Metaverse utility.

Such as NFTs for holders, raffles, giveaways, competitions and access to premium NFT whitelists.


Come join us on Telegram, have a chat and let's see where this takes us. Diamond hands ONLY!

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